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Pride Social Support Group | Albany Pride

The Albany Pride Social Support Group offers a supportive and welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ people that may find socialising and social functions challenging, and a safe and affirming space for people with disabilities, neurodivergence or mental health challenges such as depression or anxiety.

The Social Support Group meets monthly, and aims to provide a variety of different activities at different locations. A list of upcoming events is available via our Events Page.

If you have a support service that you’d like to add, or to update details, please contact us via email:

By becoming a member of Albany Pride, you help support us to achieve our goal to make Albany a more accepting and inclusive place for our LGBTQIA+ community, and as a member you will be an integral part of our organisation and help us to achieve our mission and charitable objectives.

All members aged 15 or over of age are eligible to vote in our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and all members are eligible to nominate on the Albany Pride Committee.

General membership costs $30 a year, concession membership costs $10 a year. Free, associate membership is available for people aged 14 or under.

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  • Increase visibility and acceptance of the Pride Community in Albany;
  • Provide a wide range of peer support, resources, events, and activities which promote the health, mental health, and wellbeing of the Pride Community;
  • Provide advocacy and leadership aimed at reducing disadvantage and discrimination among the Pride Community;
  • Help the Albany community become more inclusive of its LGBTQIA+ population by raising awareness and publicly celebrating our Pride Community;
  • Support, promote, and build awareness of the local physical health, mental health, and other relevant support services and organisations available for LGBTQIA+ people;
  • Decrease isolation and raise awareness of issues affecting the Pride Community;
  • Make Albany more attractive to LGBTQIA+ locals and tourists, who are likely to decide where to live and travel, by promoting Albany as a safe and inclusive destination;
  • Encourage, promote, and empower the Pride Community to actively participate within the Association, partner organisations, and the community;
  • To raise awareness of and support ways to eliminate disparities in health outcomes of LGBTQIA+ people and communities including differences that occur sexual and/or gender orientation, identity and/or presentation, gender, race/ethnicity, education or income, disability, nationality, geographic location, and/or age.


  • Albany Pride membership fees support Albany Pride to fund our mission and meet our
  • charitable objectives, such as funding our mental health groups, our information and
  • education resource centre, and our annual Albany Pride Festival events;
  • All members aged 15 or over are eligible to vote in our Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  • All members are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of our organisation, and are eligible
  • to nominate for a position on the Albany Pride Committee. (See the Albany Pride Constitution
  • for more details).
  • Our member mailing list;
  • Albany Pride is working to provide more benefits to members in the future, so please watch this space!

This group for LGBTIQA+ identifying 12-25 year olds started as a sub group of Albany Pride in 2017, due to an increase in young people attending our Kate’s Place group saying they would like a group of their own.  We run the group with headspace Albany and the group is getting bigger all the time, with approximately 20 young people attending each month.

We meet monthly with the aim of introducing LGBTIQA+ young people to each other in order to reduce social isolation and promote linkages with other community supports. We also provide information regarding issues important to young LGBTIQA+ people such as mental health, self-harm and suicide, alcohol and drug use, sexual health and coming out.

All our events and activities are free of charge and are decided by the young people- Movies, pizza, bowling, roller derby, fish and chips, beach – you name it we do it!

Come along and meet some other people who are as amazing as you! Allies are also welcome and feel free to bring a mate along.

The groups two facilitators are a social worker from Albany Pride and a community engagement officer from headspace.

PFLAG has been around internationally since 1982 and stands for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (an old fashioned name but people know it worldwide so we’ve kept it).

PFLAG Albany is a volunteer run, sub group of Albany Pride, providing a support system for families and friends of people who identify as LGBTIQA+ along with education and advocacy in the community. They run a monthly support group for parents, friends and families of people in our LGBTIQA+ community. 

PFLAG Albany supports and PROUDLY stands alongside our LGBTIQA+ community, promoting acceptance, understanding and equality for all.

More Information:

Albany Pride is an ever expanding group and provides:

  • General support and information delivery, attempting to build resilience and the capacity for self help, and to promote a sense of safety and belonging;
  • Promoting diversity and acceptance of LGBTIQA+ within the Queer community and the wider community;
  • Co-ordination and co-facilitation of “Spectrum”, Under 25’s LGBTIQA+ social/support group with headspace Albany (find out more);
  • Organising Albany Pride week each year since 2016;
  • Advocacy (including effective strategies to schools for challenging homophobia and bullying within the school environment and supporting same sex attracted and gender questioning students);
  • Making referrals/linking in with other community supports;
  • Raising community awareness about issues affecting the LGBTIQA+ community, particularly younger members of this community;
  • Liaison with local media around pertinent issues relating to our LGBTIQA+ community;
  • Organising training for the local community in collaboration with other organisations around issues facing our LGBTIQA+ community and how this community can be better supported. We recently partnered with Living Proud to deliver Opening Closets Training to almost 40 agency staff locally;
  • Participating in State and National research opportunities;
  • A few Albany Pride members are also Qlife Australia volunteers, providing mentoring to other LGBTIQA+ people;
  • PFLAG formed in Albany in 2018 and they are under our Albany Pride banner.

We hold various groups and social activities, all of which meet monthly. These include:

  • After Work Drinks and Dinner at a local bar;
  • Spectrum (12-25 year old social group run with Albany headspace);
  • Albany Pride Support Group: a group for LGBTQIA+ people and friends that have experienced (or are experiencing) mental health issues, disabilities or differently abled;
  • PFLAG: a group for friends and family of LGBT+ people.

More information about our network of support can be found here.

If you’d like to meet us, you can check out our Calendar for upcoming events, many of which take place on a monthly basis!