What We Do | Albany Pride
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What We Do | Albany Pride
What We Do
Albany Pride has specific missions and objectives, and you can find out more about them here.

Albany Pride is an ever expanding group and provides:

  • General support and information delivery, attempting to build resilience and the capacity for self help, and to promote a sense of safety and belonging;
  • Promoting diversity and acceptance of LGBTIQA+ within the Queer community and the wider community;
  • Co-ordination and co-facilitation of “Spectrum”, Under 25’s LGBTIQA+ social/support group with headspace Albany (find out more);
  • Organising Albany Pride week each year since 2016;
  • Advocacy (including effective strategies to schools for challenging homophobia and bullying within the school environment and supporting same sex attracted and gender questioning students);
  • Making referrals/linking in with other community supports;
  • Raising community awareness about issues affecting the LGBTIQA+ community, particularly younger members of this community;
  • Liaison with local media around pertinent issues relating to our LGBTIQA+ community;
  • Organising training for the local community in collaboration with other organisations around issues facing our LGBTIQA+ community and how this community can be better supported. We recently partnered with Living Proud to deliver Opening Closets Training to almost 40 agency staff locally;
  • Participating in State and National research opportunities;
  • A few Albany Pride members are also Qlife Australia volunteers, providing mentoring to other LGBTIQA+ people;
  • PFLAG formed in Albany in 2018 and they are under our Albany Pride banner.

We hold various groups and social activities, all of which meet monthly. These include:

  • After Work Drinks and Dinner at a local bar;
  • Spectrum (12-25 year old social group run with Albany headspace);
  • Albany Pride Support Group: a group for LGBTQIA+ people and friends that have experienced (or are experiencing) mental health issues, disabilities or differently abled;
  • PFLAG: a group for friends and family of LGBT+ people.

More information about our network of support can be found here.

If you’d like to meet us, you can check out our upcoming Events, many of which take place on a monthly basis!