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Membership | Albany Pride
Become a member of Albany Pride and help us to achieve our goals and objectives.

By becoming a member of Albany Pride, you help support us to achieve our goal to make Albany a more accepting and inclusive place for our LGBTQIA+ community, and as a member you will be an integral part of our organisation and help us to achieve our mission and charitable objectives.

All members aged 15 or over of age are eligible to vote in our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and all members are eligible to nominate on the Albany Pride Committee.

General membership costs $30 a year, concession membership costs $10 a year. Free, associate membership is available for people aged 14 or under.

Click here to join Albany Pride


  • Increase visibility and acceptance of the Pride Community in Albany;
  • Provide a wide range of peer support, resources, events, and activities which promote the health, mental health, and wellbeing of the Pride Community;
  • Provide advocacy and leadership aimed at reducing disadvantage and discrimination among the Pride Community;
  • Help the Albany community become more inclusive of its LGBTQIA+ population by raising awareness and publicly celebrating our Pride Community;
  • Support, promote, and build awareness of the local physical health, mental health, and other relevant support services and organisations available for LGBTQIA+ people;
  • Decrease isolation and raise awareness of issues affecting the Pride Community;
  • Make Albany more attractive to LGBTQIA+ locals and tourists, who are likely to decide where to live and travel, by promoting Albany as a safe and inclusive destination;
  • Encourage, promote, and empower the Pride Community to actively participate within the Association, partner organisations, and the community;
  • To raise awareness of and support ways to eliminate disparities in health outcomes of LGBTQIA+ people and communities including differences that occur sexual and/or gender orientation, identity and/or presentation, gender, race/ethnicity, education or income, disability, nationality, geographic location, and/or age.


  • Albany Pride membership fees support Albany Pride to fund our mission and meet our
  • charitable objectives, such as funding our mental health groups, our information and
  • education resource centre, and our annual Albany Pride Festival events;
  • All members aged 15 or over are eligible to vote in our Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  • All members are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of our organisation, and are eligible
  • to nominate for a position on the Albany Pride Committee. (See the Albany Pride Constitution for more details).
  • Our member mailing list;
  • Albany Pride is working to provide more benefits to members in the future, so please watch this space!