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Announcing Pride Festival 2022! | Albany Pride

ALBANY PRIDE are excited to finally announce our lineup and launch of ALBANY PRIDE FESTIVAL 2022!

Taking place between Friday, 18th February and Sunday, 27th February, this really is our biggest and most diverse Pride Festival yet, and cements our crown as regional WA’s biggest Pride Festival.

Be sure to browse our lineup of events, and tickets are now live for many of our events.

We’ve still got more to come, so stay tuned to our website and our social media for updates!

You can download our press release here, as well as a copy of our current lineup programme to print at home (although a second edition will be released closer to the date).

🥁🥁 Drum roll please…🥁🥁

The winners of our Albany Pride Raffle Fundraiser are…

Ticket Number: #28

B. Broadway
Ticket Number: #23

B. Minutillo
Ticket Number: #9


We will be in contact tomorrow or feel free to message our page!

Thank you to everyone who entered our raffle fundraiser, your support is much appreciated! Woohoo! This time next week we’ll be sitting in our seats waiting to see Hannah Gadsby live at the AEC!! Can’t wait to see you there!! #7sleeps

Thank you to all you beautiful people for the great day at the Sausage Sizzle!

We were incredibly busy, but had a lot of fun. Revenue raised from your purchases of sausages, merchandise and raffle tickets will go towards the organisation of Albany Pride Festival 18-27 February 2022: we are planning to give you back the most exciting, busy and diverse Pride yet!

Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Bunnings Warehouse Australia and the volunteers who helped out on the day!

We are very excited and pleased to announce that membership to Albany Pride Inc. is now open to the public!

By becoming a member of Albany Pride, you help support us to achieve our goal to make Albany a more accepting and inclusive place for our LGBTQIA+ community, and as a member you will be an integral part of our organisation and help us to achieve our mission and charitable objectives.

All members aged 15 or over are eligible to vote in our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and all members are eligible to nominate on the Albany Pride Committee.

General membership costs $30 a year, concession membership costs $10 a year. Free, associate membership is available for anybody aged 14 or under.

You can become a member, and read our Constitution and Code of Conduct (Membership Agreement) at:

ALBANY PRIDE is excited to have you on board, and what the future holds for our organisation, and the LGBTQIA+ community it serves!

More information about membership can be found at our website at –

14th July, 2021

RE: Albany Entertainment Centre and the Australian Christian Lobby

On the 13th July, 2021, it was reported in several media outlets that the Australian Christian Lobby’s desire to hire the Albany Entertainment Centre was denied by the Perth Theatre Trust for one of their lobbying events.

It should come as no surprise that ALBANY PRIDE supports the decision of the Perth Theatre Trust.

Earlier this year in May, ALBANY PRIDE were vocally opposed to the ‘Real Lives’ event which sought to promote Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Change Efforts (SOGICE) through religious intervention. The Australian Christian Lobby – unsurprisingly – were ardent supporters of the event, and continue to lobby against legislation that would outlaw the dangerous practice of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Change Efforts, otherwise known as ‘conversion therapy’.

The Australian Christian Lobby have a long history of opposing and speaking out against any kind of advancement in LGBTQIA+ rights and freedoms, often demonising and misrepresenting  LGBTQIA+ people and groups in the process, and continue to do so.

We would expect that the Perth Theatre Trust would not agree to allow a group that sought to demonise and restrict the rights and freedoms of any other demographic (such as on the basis of ethnicity, ability, age, etc.) to host an event, and as such, ALBANY PRIDE fails to see why this is any different.

Indeed, were the Perth Theatre Trust to reject an event by a group wanting to restrict the rights of Christians specifically to social institutions such as marriage, parenting and adoption, to specifically ban Christianity from being learnt about in schools, or to promote the discrimination against Christians in schools or businesses (as the Australian Christian Lobby have long campaigned for in regards to LGBTQIA+ people), ALBANY PRIDE would support that decision too.

The Australian Christian Lobby are trying to claim this is an issue of ‘religious freedom’, but ‘religious freedom’ is not a justifiable excuse for any other kind of discrimination or prejudice, and we fail to see why it should be a justifiable excuse for LGBTQIA+ discrimination and prejudice.

It is misleading of the Australian Christian Lobby to suggest that the relative inconvenience of not being able to easily express misinformation and damaging rhetoric is in any way comparable to the proven trauma and potential damage to sexual and gender diverse people from events such as this.

ALBANY PRIDE, once again, fully supports the decision of the Perth Theatre Trust and would implore them to follow through with it.

ALBANY PRIDE, 14th July, 2021.

Australia’s very own lesbian superstar comedian, writer, actress, television host and proud LGBTQIA+ ally, Hannah Gadsby, is coming to the Albany Entertainment Centre with her new show, Body of Work.

To celebrate this, and to raise funds for our upcoming Pride Festival 2022, Albany Pride is having a raffle – and two tickets to her new show, taking place on the 1st September, 2021, are up for grabs!

As well as being in with the chance to win the tickets, we also have a variety of Albany Pride merchandise to win, and some lovely bottles of wine!

For more information about the raffle and prizes, as well as to be in with your chance to win by buying raffle tickets, you can click here for more information!

This competition is now closed.


It has come to the attention of ALBANY PRIDE that the Albany Baptist Church is hosting an event promoting religious “gay conversion” therapy: that is, the pseudoscientific and completely discredited practice that one can “cure” themselves of being LGBTQA+.

Naturally, ALBANY PRIDE condemns, in no uncertain terms, this abhorrent and barbaric practice. 

Not only is this kind of practice entrenched with deep-rooted homophobia and transphobia, but it is also incredibly dangerous. Practitioners of this abhorrent practice will often have absolutely no training in the field of psychology or psychiatry (or will have been “trained” at an institution that is not recognised and widely discredited) – meaning already vulnerable people, many of whom are already experiencing intense grief and trauma, are being placed in harm’s way by people who are completely unqualified to help them. 

There has also been increasing concern and evidence that this practice is used against teenagers and children, causing lasting psychological damage.

The Australian Psychological Society also condemns the practice, and states that “no professional practice in Australia supports these approaches”, and has supported an Australian-wide ban on the practice. 

Albany Pride echoes the words of Anna Brown, director of legal advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, who states, “The conversion movement’s activities are proven to be ineffective and harmful. Telling someone they are broken or sick because of who they are is profoundly psychologically damaging.”

LGBTQIA+ already suffer significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, psychological distress and suicide attempts. 

A large part of the reason for this is the entrenched homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and other forms of Queerphobia that place them in this vulnerable position: the kind of ideology which is at the heart of the “conversion therapy” promoted by Albany Baptist Church. 

Proponents of the kind of dangerous conversion practices will argue that this is a “freedom of religion” issue. It isn’t. It’s an issue of public health and safety. It’s an issue of protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable people against a practice which has no scientific basis, and is widely condemned and discredited by experts in the field of mental health and psychology. It is an issue of protecting people from a damaging con. 

Which is why, of course, you won’t hear from people who have suffered as a result of these  “conversion practices” at these events. You won’t hear of the abuse and self-loathing they were forced to endure at the hands of these charlatans. Nor will you hear the experiences of the vast majority of people who endured this and weren’t “cured” because it simply doesn’t work. You’ll only hear, just like in any scam, the people who continue to believe the lie and the people who help perpetuate it: this is, put simply, snake oil salespeople flogging more snake oil. 

The people who promote and perpetuate these abhorrent practices may feel they are doing this out of genuine compassion or an act of kindness to help people out of the the goodness of their own hearts but, being LGBTQIA+ is not a choice. It is not a disorder, and it doesn’t need a cure. There is no conflict between being a good Christian and being LGBTQIA+.

To the LGBTQIA+ people who have experienced trauma and abuse at the hands of organisations such as the Albany Baptist Church that promote this practice and anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric, we see you, hear you, and recognise you. You are loved and you are accepted for who you are: sincerely and genuinely, by all of us at Albany Pride and the people that support us.

To those of you who are reading this and facing a conflict between your faith and your sexuality, gender identity, and/or intersex status: know that in reality, there is no conflict, do not let anybody convince you that there is.

To anyone who is struggling with their sexuality, gender identity and/or intersex status at this very moment: we are here for you, and we encourage you to seek support from certified professionals who will genuinely have your best interests at heart (this, of course, applies to anyone who is struggling with anything).

ALBANY PRIDE encourages Rebecca Stephens Member for Albany to confront the issue of LGBTQIA+ conversion practices with Mark McGowan, WA Labor and the State Government, to ensure these dangerous and discredited practices are outlawed, so that vulnerable people are prevented from further harm.

Included below are some support organisations people can contact if they have been affected by the issues raised in this post. PLEASE, if you need support and help, seek it. Your life is precious.

As always, we thank those who support organisations like ours and the LGBTQIA+ community.

20th May, 2021

Information about LGBTQIA+ Mental Health outcomes can be accessed here, courtesy of LGBTIQ+ Health Alliance.


If your life or someone else’s is in urgent danger, always ring 000.

13 11 14

Youth Line:
1800 198 313

1300 224 636

Mental Health Emergency Response Line: 
1300 555 788 (Metro)
1800 676 822 (Peel)
1800 552 002 (Country/Rurallink)

QLife (3pm – Midnight):
1800 184 527

headspace Albany (for people aged 12-25, Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm):
(08) 9842 9871

A day for all those people who identify as being agender, genderless, gender-neutral, genderblank, or not identify with any particular gender at all!

ALBANY PRIDE would like to take this opportunity to observe Agender Pride Day, agender people, and a special mention to our agender supporters.

May 17th marks the anniversary of when the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from the Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, thirty-one years ago in 1990.

Yet, LGBTQIA+ people still face significant stigma, prejudice and discrimination in society, and higher rates of abuse and violence, which puts them at a higher risk of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Intersex individuals are still subjected to unnecessary medical interventions, often without informed consent (or any consent at all) at the hands of medical practitioners that consider intersex variations “disorders of sex development” which need to be “fixed” or “normalised”.

It was only in 2019 that being transgender stopped being considered a mental illness (much like homosexuality was considered previously) by WHO, yet still, transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse people continue to be the targets of hostility and their identities dismissed as nothing more than manifestations of ‘mental illness’.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual+ individuals are still being subjected to “Gay Conversion Therapy”, a dangerous form of pseudoscience to “cure” them of their sexuality, and still face prevailing myths and misconceptions related to their sexual orientations.

Asexual+ people are still subjected to being seen as having a sexual dysfunction, rather than a legitimate sexual orientation.

ALBANY PRIDE are observing IDAHOBIT today in order to raise awareness of the various forms of Queerphobia that significantly impact the lives of LGBTQIA+ people.

Our lives, and our health, matter. Our sexualities, gender identities and/or intersex status are not disorders, they are realities. Just as importantly, though, we must celebrate ourselves and our achievements without shame.

We hope you will join us in raising Pride Flags wherever you are and showing support for the LGBTQIA+ community!

ALBANY PRIDE is, as continues to be, an inclusive organisation, for and to, the full spectrum of people within the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.

If you are struggling, there is help available:

13 11 14

Youth Line:
1800 198 313

1300 224 636

Mental Health Emergency Response Line:
1300 555 788 (Metro)
1800 676 822 (Peel)
1800 552 002 (Country/Rurallink)

ALBANY PRIDE has taken the pledge.

Domestic, family and intimate partner violence affects LGBTQIA+ people in a profound way – whether it takes place at the hands of our families, strangers or own partners.

Intimate partner violence and control is not just a heterosexual issue, yet – despite it being at least as prevalent as it is in heterosexual relationships (and perhaps more), it is a subject that is not talked about nearly enough, leading to it being labelled by many as a “silent epidemic”.

The lives and relationships of LGBTQIA+ people matter just as much as our non-LGBTQIA+ peers. LGBTQIA+ people and relationships need to be remembered when we talk about domestic, family and intimate partner violence and control. It isn’t that we deserve recognition, it is that we NEED it.

At its very core, this is an LGBTQIA+ rights issue. By remaining silent about it, we are neglecting the lives, safety and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We had to fight for our relationships and families to be legally recognised, and we are still fighting that same fight when it comes to domestic, family and intimate partner violence and control.

Albany Pride also recognises that there are many other communities and demographics that are often neglected or forgotten about when it comes to the subject of domestic, family and intimate partner violence and control.

LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day falls on May 28th, annually, and Albany Pride will be participating: we encourage our fellow Pride and community organisations, followers and allies to do the same.

You can also taken the pledge at

More information and support can be found at


ALBANY PRIDE would like to extend our sincere and enormous gratitude to the sponsors and Albany businesses that helped support Albany Pride Festival 2021 (with our heartfelt apologies for the lateness of this post)!

Without sponsors and support from local businesses, Albany Pride Festival simply couldn’t happen.

We hope you will join us in offering thanks to them, and in return, support them!

Head to Tail Pets
Wilson Brewing Company
Orana Cinemas Albany
Dylans On The Terrace
Kalgan Queen
Boston Brewing Co. Denmark
La Botanic Albany
Albany Eco House
McIntosh & Son Albany
Farmers Centre 1978 Pty Ltd (Albany) (Albany)
Dan Murphy’s (Albany)
Due South Bottle Shop
Community Bank Albany
The City of Albany
U.S. Consulate General Perth
ConnectGroups – Support Groups Association WA Inc.
headspace Albany

26th April is Lesbian Visibility Day, and kicks off Lesbian Visibility Week!The aim is to celebrate lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBTQI women and non binary people in our community.


You can find out more at

Today marks the first International Asexuality Day!

The aim of the day is to provide advocacy, celebration, education and solidarity about asexuality and the other identities under the asexual (“ace”) umbrella, such as demisexuality and grey asexuality.

This year, the IAD is hoping to highlight the work that the international Ace Community.

Asexuality, put simply, is the lack of sexual attraction towards others (but not necessarily a lack of romantic attraction); but asexuality covers a spectrum and range of identities on an asexual spectrum.


an individual who experiences little or no sexual attraction towards others.

an individual who does not experience sexual attraction until a deep emotional bond is formed.

an individual whose sexuality fluctuates between being asexual or allosexual (non-asexual).

an individual who is somewhere between being asexual and allosexual.

an individual who experiences sexual attraction, but does not want the attraction to be reciprocated.

an individual whose sexual attraction towards someone fades or disappears once a romantic attraction is formed.

an individual does not experience attraction until they’re aware somebody is attracted to them first.

an individual who experiences little or no romantic attraction towards others (but may not necessarily be asexual).

an individual who is not asexual.

an individual who is not aromantic.

a slang term for asexual.

somebody who is asexual, but alloromantic.

somebody who is both asexual and aromantic.