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Solidarity with ‘Glitter Nova’ | Albany Pride
Solidarity with ‘Glitter Nova’
ALBANY PRIDE would like to offer our solidarity with the organisers and participants of 'Glitter Nova' in Victoria.

Friday, 9th December, 2022

Albany Pride would like to take the opportunity to offer our thoughts, support, and solidarity for the organisers and participants of Glitter Nova, and Stonnington Youth Services, the Victorian Pride Centre, and most of all, the LGBTQIA+ Community of Victoria, following the announcement that the Glitter Nova celebration has been postponed due to planned protests by what are suspected to be far-right extremists.

It is utterly despicable that the Queer community – and other such communities targeted by these extremists – should be held hostage, and fear for our safety, because of these nonsensical and ridiculous ideologies. It is particularly heinous that these protests were organised for an event for young people.

The Queer community is a resilient one; and this was demonstrated by those who turned up at the Victorian Pride Centre today despite the threats. You have made your community incredibly proud.

Whilst it is certainly true that the LGBTQIA+ community has always faced hostility and prejudice, there has been an increase in threats and attacks against the LGBTQIA+ community, driven by far-right groups and anti-Queer conspiracy theorists, who lay unfounded and frankly nonsensical claims about our community. It is a despicable reality that such conspiracy theories and accusations are being perpetuated by some media outlets, internet personalities, and politicians.

As such, people who would not ordinarily consider themselves to be on the far-right or a fascist, are starting to believe the disinformation and emboldening those who push it. As such, it’s incredibly important that allies, as well as the LGBTQIA+ community, speak out against it.

The journey for LGBTQIA+ acceptance and equality has been a long and difficult one that continues to this very day. Queer people have always existed, and we will always exist – and no amount of far-right terrorism, anti-Queer rhetoric, or persecution, can ever change that. Put simply: any attempt to try and erase us is an already lost battle. Our Pride cannot be erased.

All of us at Albany Pride look forward to seeing the Glitter Nova event go ahead in the not-so-distant future, and to seeing the fabulous young folk there celebrate their Pride in all their glory.